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What is the Product Discovery? 

Product discovery is the process of determining if and why your product is necessary. Thus, you can make sure that you are building the right product for the right users.

Also, product discovery helps you align your product to your company’s goals. It will ensure that you follow your goals and vision. Thus, it improves the reputation of your team and business.

Additionally, that process involves two phases:

  • The problem space – knowing what the problem or issue is
  • The solution space – knowing the best and fastest way to solve that issue

It also aims to solve the two following questions:

  1. Are you building the right product?
  2. Are you building the product right?

What’s the difference, you say?

Are you building the right product?

First, you and your project manager should always build the right product. With product discovery, you can make a product that is not based on your assumptions. Then, the collected insights will be the basis of your product creation.

We believe that understanding your customers is vital. These insights are the key to building the right product. Remember, the first phase of product discovery is all about solving your customers’ problems. Only then can you build it right.

Are you building the product right?

Now, we don’t want our product to fail after all the efforts we made, do we? So do product discovery to determine the value of your product. Then, make sure that you’re doing the production right with the right team.

Also, there are available technologies that offer a solution to your production phase. It includes the following parts:

  • Tools
  • Application Architecture
  • Application Engineering
  • Design
  • Development process
  • Users Test

Why Do You Need Product Discovery?

Product discovery will give a lot of value to your project and company. And it lets you imagine what you can do for your customers.

Moreover, product discovery allows you to create a project roadmap. This roadmap is your outline of reaching your goal. Also, it ensures that your product not only functions well. But also delights your customers and provide value.

When should you conduct a product discovery process? Always. Why?

We aim to set up human-centered production, and product discovery lets you do that. The level of achievement of your product relies on the success of your product discovery.

Also, product discovery can save you lots of money, time, and resources. It helps you determine if your product is really needed or if it truly matches your customers’ needs.

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