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How to Perform a Reverse Image Search?

What is a Reverse Image Search? Well, think of it this way. It’s a sort of online search where you transfer a picture to find data based on the search, rather than using a text-based or voice-based keyword.

Well, let’s find out more from this post.

Reverse Image Searching

Suppose you have a picture in your gallery. Then you want to know more information about that image.

Well, to do that, you may need to type enough keywords in the search bar of any web search tool. But, this method is ineffective if you don’t have the exact and specific keyword to search. 

So, what about searching by the use of pictures? Well, you’ll just have to transfer that picture as an input in an online reverse image search tool.

Thus, you’ll get all the relevant data in an instant. Searching by picture allows you to save your time and efforts and gives you precise results. And it’s good since people now are more likely to prefer hassle-free browsing.

How to Reverse Image Search on Your Computer

  • Go to on your Firefox or Google Chrome program. 
  • It’ll give you three choices. The camera symbol will be the tool for reverse image search.
  • Google will get the web and show comparable pictures to the example photograph you’ve quite recently looked at. So, drag a picture from another window or program tab.
  • Paste the URL of a picture that as of now exists on the web. 
  • You can also transfer a picture from your PC drive and upload it.

Tools and Tips on How to Use It

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search is one basic and simple tool you can use for a picture search. Besides, it’s compatible with any program.

  • Transfer a picture from your PC, or paste the picture URL into the assigned area. 
  • Then, the Bing Visual Search tool will just perform the search. Thus, giving you query items and data related to similar images and related searches.

Getty Images

Most advertisers are familiar with Getty Images. It’s a huge and famous stock image site.

But, did you know that you can also use Getty Images to do a reverse image search? Well, just simply do the following on the home page:

  • Snap the camera symbol in the search box. Or click the “search by image” option.
  • Then drag your photo. Or select a file from your device. And it will perform the search.


TinSearch is an opposite picture query instrument given by TinEye. It’s a high-level picture acknowledgment device that tracks where a client’s pictures show up on the web. 

If you’re using TinSearch, then just simply:

  • Enter a picture URL in the search bar. 
  • Or transfer a picture from your device.


Picsearch is ideal for advertisers who are searching for fascinating photos or images that are relevant to certain keywords. You can also find an “Advanced Search” option.

That feature permits users to filter pictures by size. And that helps advertisers track down that ideal image that fits their site or online media header. 

To perform a reverse image search using Picsearch:

  • Enter a picture URL in the search bar 
  • Transfer a picture 
  • Search for a related or comparable keyword

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