Discovery And Synthesis Of Crop Protection Products

Discovery And Synthesis Of Crop Protection Products- Book Review

The book Discovery and Synthesis of Crop Protection Products was published on June 29, 2016. This is by Peter Maienfisch, and Thomas M. Stevenson.

About The Book

This book combines the latest studies of agrochemicals. Also, with the new directions of its chemistry. IT has a lot of new features. All related to crop protection. Of which includes:

  • Latest research approaches
  • Tools and directions- nematicides, biologicals, and natural products.
  • New innovations in the chemical way of crop protection

The Purpose

Certainly, we all depend on crops for our necessities of feeding. In fact, modern agribusiness today is globally independent. And it generates much employment and income sources worldwide.

Because of this, the quality and quantity of food enhance. As well as feeds, fiber, and fuel- all for sustaining the consumers’ food supply.

This is challenging. Considering the changes in the global environment. Nature does not produce the same quality of food as it did before. However, a lot of recurring factors can be put to blame. Considering the increasing rate of pollution, and global warming. All of these are contributing factors to crop failures.

This is where the global agribusiness industry comes vital. It produces insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. All for the crop protection and quality production. Not to mention the biotechnology products. 

Yes, all of these contribute to maintaining food supply security. Also, agricultural sustainability. Especially in the midst of global challenges in the industry. Challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • Population growth
  • More calorie consumption
  • The rapid growth of environmental stress
  • Changes in the regulatory landscape

What’s With The Book?

The Discovery and Synthesis of Crop Protection Products provide the latest information in addressing these concerns. It has the up to date research information of the state of the art crop protection.

Moreover, this book is equipped with the newest research and directions. Of the chemistry and theories of agrochemicals. Also, it has new research approaches.

Tools and directions for crop protection are also included. For instance, it includes more about nematicides and more natural products. What’s more, is that each is discussed in detail. 

The goal of this book is to address concerns of agrochemicals. Especially in pinpointing fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and nematicides.

However, maintaining public health is also considered. Thus, this is also considered in the book.

Learn From The Author

Peter Maeinfisch

He studies chemistry in Switzerland. Particularly at the ETH, Zurich. And in 1983, Dr. Maienfisch received his PhD.

After that, he stayed at Caltech. More specifically at Pasadena, CA, USA. Dr. Maienfisch went with the Ciba-Geigy. It was in Basel. That was 1984.

Years have passed and in 2015, he became the Honorary Professor of ECUST. Or the East China University of Science and Technology. He invented the thiamethoxam. This is one of the most popular insecticides worldwide.

Thomas M. Stevenson

A B.S. in Chemistry graduate. From Saint Louis University, the year 1979. Moreover, Dr. Thomas received his PhD in organic chemistry in 1983. 

In addition, he had postdoctoral research. Years 1983-1985 with Wolfgang Oppolzer. And, became a research chemist for DuPont Crop protection.

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