Digital Product Discovery

Product Discovery Questions

Product Discovery Questions

Today we will tackle some of the product discovery questions. These questions are necessary when conducting a product discovery. Introduction About Product Discovery Questions First of all, we should know the definition of product discovery. Well, product discovery is the process of understanding your client’s needs. So you can create a new product that they …

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Bing Visual Search

Microsoft Bing Visual Search 2020: Introduction

Bing visual search is also one of the major visual search platforms today. With that being said, how does Bing search works? And how can you do your search then? This article will let you know more. Introducing The Bing Visual Search Apart from other visual search platforms, Bing search technology is quite different. To …

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Percentage Of Product Discoveries Via Amazon

Percentage Of Product Discoveries Via Amazon

Amazon is surely one of the leading e-commerce websites in the platform today. Knowing the percentage of product discoveries via amazon can support that idea. Amazon Sales Do you know that more than half of all online product searches take place on Amazon? In fact, last year the whole retail sales surpassed more than $100 …

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Product Discovery E-commerce

Product Discovery E-commerce Improvements

Product discovery e-commerce should be a priority for business globally. Why? Then just consider that in the past year. That more than 3 billion e-commerce searches delivered more than $2 trillion in sales. Only for the online stores. Yes, online searches have higher conversion rates. Compared with average visitors. Considering the statistics above. It is …

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Discovery Product Management

Discovery Product Management

Certainly, a good discovery of product management is an iterative process. It does not end with an achievement. But rather, it should be an ongoing pursuit. This is how product development tests its theories. Management cannot fully rely on their prototypes in building the product scope. And, it is not enough to validate the needs …

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Discovery Products 2019

Discovery Products 2019: Tips and Reports

We can learn a lot from discovery products 2019. As the years’ pass, the way product discoveries go also change. This presents some challenges. However, being aware and well-informed by the changes should help. This can help one to adjust and enhance strategies for better brand discoveries. This article will discuss how discovery products 2019 …

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