Product Discovery Team

New Product Discovery

New Product Discovery Process

Learn the process for your new product discovery. Also, why these following steps are important to considered? Introduction About The Product Discovery Product discovery is the process of decreasing risk. Also, securing that the right product is produced for the customers.  However, the goal of product discovery is not inevitably to ship features. But to …

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discovery channel production

Discovery Channel Production

Where is the discovery channel production begin? What is the benefit of the discovery channel in the viewers? How does discovery channel production works? First of all, let’s discuss the Discovery Channel and its history. Discovery Channel aired in US cable satellite and channel on television. At first, it is the only program that shows …

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Inspired Book Product Discovery

Inspired Book Product Discovery- A Good Read

The Inspired Book product discovery has really ‘inspired’ its audience. The legend of product management, Marty Cagan, authors this book. Inspired Book product discovery is a series of editions. The first edition was published in 2008. Since then, this book has proved to be a phenomenon. Most especially for product managers and alike. Why Is This A …

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Product Discovery Book

Product Discovery Book For Product Teams

Having a product discovery book is certainly a good start for efficient product discovery. To gain insights from experienced product teams and managers. Is surely a gem not to miss. This article will feature more product discovery books. These books are especially helpful for both small and larger product teams. Gaining more insight won’t hurt …

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Marty Cagan Product Discovery

Marty Cagan Product Discovery Gleans

Marty Cagan Product Discovery topics are now inspiring a lot of project teams with their project discovery.  However, it is understandable that the reality of product discovery isn’t all about success. There’s never smooth sailing, but we can reduce failures.  This is something Marty Cagan well knew. Especially upon working with successes and failures. He …

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Planning Product DiscoveryPlanning Product Discovery

Planning Product Discovery: Why Is It A Must?

Planning product discovery is definitely a winning game for the process. Planning is known for its more chances of success. Thus, investing in the planning stage can surely bring many benefits to the team’s effort. Some may find planning as wasting time. Some may reason, ‘why bother to plan?’. ‘When we’ve been doing this over …

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agile product discovery process

Agile Product Discovery Process In Phases

The agile product discovery process is a continuous process. However, we can easily break these down into phases. Phases are classified into four. Which are discovery, alpha, beta, and live, respectively. Let’s delve deeper into these. We’ll discuss: what is inclusive of these four stages? How can each member play their part? The Discovery Phase …

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Product Design Discovery

How To Improve Your Product Design Discovery Process

A good product design discovery process can produce a good quality product. The process may look simple. But in reality, it can be overwhelming. So, how can you improve your product design discovery process? Read on to learn more. Discovery Phase The discovery phase will help you know details about the problem you’re trying to …

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product discovery phase

The Product Discovery Phase: In Seven

Defining the product discovery phase must help you define the steps you’d go through. These are classified into seven phases. These are especially crucial. Thus, carefully following these affects the success of your process. Phase One: The Discovery This is the phase where the Production Team takes the customers’ reviews. It is vital to take …

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