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Get Noticed Through Pinterest Visual Search

Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest visual search. As you may be aware, visual searching is a crucial tool in today’s environment. Fortunately, Pinterest has also approved of this concept. Let’s learn more below!


Pinterest is a visual search engine. It is a platform where users can find DIY projects, home design and style inspiration, recipes, and other things. Users can also save pins to their boards in a variety of categories, such as home decor.

Why Pinterest?

Why should marketers use it? According to Oblero, 77% of weekly pinners find a new product or brand while using the site. So, your company’s traffic can improve by being active and publishing on Pinterest.

Also, it’s critical to provide attractive information and high-quality photos on a visual platform. For instance, posting videos, infographics, photography, and other forms of media.

Take note to also use tags when uploading visual information. It’s important for Pinterest’s algorithm.

It’s also necessary to connect your pin to a website. When a person clicks on your pin, it will take them to the website or a specific page on your website that you want them to see. This will increase the number of visitors to your preferred webpage.

Despite the fact that Pinterest isn’t the most popular social media site, it is still an important tool for businesses to use.

How Does Pinterest Visual Search Work

The Pinterest Visual Search Tool benefits from two different sorts of pictures. Thus, ensuring those future consumers will receive the appropriate material.

Close Up Product Image

This photograph depicts a close-up of the product or object. People may also hover their cursor over the image. It will then display more of that specific product.

Lifestyle Product Image

This sort of picture enables the client to form an emotional attachment to the goods. And picture themselves in their surroundings.

Well, the majority of people are unaware that Pinterest has a Visual Search feature.

It’s simple to use!

For instance, some use the keyword search feature to uncover stunning pins of goods they’ve never seen before. You can either use Pinterest Lens or you may use the picture search function.

Here are the tips for improving your image’s visibility in Pinterest’s visual search

Create A Product Image

It is necessary to upload two types of photos to provide the correct material to consumers in the Visual search engine:

Closeup Product Image

Provide a zoomed-in photograph of your product that demonstrates its features. When a user hovers their mouse over a product in a picture, Pinterest loads extra information about that product.

Lifestyle Product Image

This sort of graphic helps people to imagine the product in a different setting. Purchasing a tile, for example, would be easier if the customer could view it in the setting of a bathroom or kitchen.

Placement of Brand Logo

Avoid having your logo appear in the image’s bottom right corner. The logo will most likely be obscured by the Visual Search Tool, reducing your chances of generating brand recognition. It’s best to put it in the bottom left of the center.

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