Searching images on Facebook

Can You Image Search On Facebook?

Searching images on Facebook is easier than ever. This post will help you how to do it the right way, saving you time and effort.

Can You Image Search On Facebook?

If you intend to repost or upload videos, after that, you’ll require to add a video dimension to it. That’s the very first thing that you need to recognize. You can add a video size on your Facebook page by complying with the steps provided below.

Step 1.

 Open up the Facebook app on your device.

Step 2. Go to your timeline and then click the “Photos” tab found in the top-left edge of the screen. This will take you to the Photos page.

Step 3. Once you are on the Photos page, you need to select the picture that you intend to adjust. Select it, and afterwards tap on the “Edit” switch, which is located at the top-right edge of your screen. After that, tap on the “Video” alternative, which is located below your picture.

Step 4. On the Video area, tap on the “Upload” switch, and after that, pick a video from your gallery or take a brand-new video utilizing your phone’s cam. When you have picked a video, simply tap on it, and it will start playing automatically so that you can preview it before uploading it to Facebook. If you like exactly what you see, simply tap on the “Post” button to upload it to your timeline.

Step 5. After you have finished making your video clip, just tap on the blue “Done” switch, which will be located on the top-right edge of your screen. Then, tap “Done” once more in the pop-up menu. This will bring you back to the Photos page, where you can see that your video is currently saved as a picture.

Step 6. You can easily add a description, tag people and share your image with your friends by tapping the “Share” icon that is found below it.

What Image Search?

When I mean the word Searching, you could search for a specific photo in the Facebook database that belongs to you or your friends. Just what do I imply by this?

It indicates that if I intend to search for all images owned by me, I can do so on Facebook through the search bar. It likewise works in the case of your close friends too. If someone intends to look for pictures or videos shared by you or your friends, they can do so likewise by making use of the search bar. However, there are various other methods that we will talk about later on in this post.

Facebook has had this capacity for quite a while now, and still, most of us don’t know how you can do it! And also if you don’t know, after that I am here to assist you. 

If you have been looking for an approach to search through your good friend’s shared images or videos, after that, this post will certainly assist you out! So without further ado, let’s get going with the article!

Searching Images On Facebook – Through The Main Menu

The first method that I will certainly reveal is searching for images on Facebook through the main menu. The good thing concerning this is that it’s very simple as well as straightforward. However, it doesn’t give as much power as the 2nd method, which we will be disclosed below in this write-up.

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