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Image Search Guide: What is Image Search?

Knowing the answer to a question like “what is image search” is crucial for the searching process. Fortunately, this post got you covered!

Image Search Guide: What is Image Search?

 Image search is a tool that allows you to search for images based on a keyword. This can be particularly advantageous when you’re searching for a specific image.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a new smartphone case for your iPhone 5. You could search for “iPhone 5 cases” on Google and then click on the Images tab at the top of the results page. This will take you to a new page with all of the images that Google found on the Internet for “iPhone 5 cases.”

The image search tool does often refer to as “Google Images,” but this isn’t entirely accurate. It isn’t even technically a part of Google because it doesn’t use Google servers to crawl and index web pages like Google does. Instead, it uses its servers and crawls web pages just like any other search engine would do.

How Image Search Works: Basic Overview

To better understand how image search works, let’s take a look at how it works behind the scenes. First, it looks at your query and decides what type of query it is. In this case, it would be an image query because you are looking for images instead of text or videos or audio files or some combination thereof.

Once this is done, it starts looking through the pages link from your query to see if any images match your query in content. It also searches through Google Image Search itself, which is just another website that contains images indexed through Google (similar to how Google Search is another website).

 It looks through all of these pictures and finds pictures that match your query using certain algorithms. Also, the process then displays these matching images to you in an organized fashion at the top of your results page with relevant information about each picture.

Google has put out several patents on this technology, so we may never know exactly how they work in great detail. Still, we know some key points. For one thing, they can identify parts of pictures and detect whether those parts are relevant or irrelevant to your query based on their metadata (like title or description). 

They also analyze things like the colour similarity between pictures as well as other relevant factors such as keywords in their caption/description or title tag/header tags or the website they come


Image Search Guide: How to Use Image Search

Now that you know a little bit about image search technology let’s get practical. This section will show you how to use image search and what to expect when using it.

Search for Images with a Keyword or Phrase

As I mentioned in the previous section, the first step to using image search is searching for your images with a keyword or phrase. Google covers it by typing in your keyword into the search box and then clicking on the Images tab at the top of the results page:

View Images That Matched Your Query and Click on Them to See Other Images Relevant to Your Query

After performing your query, you will see results page with a list of the images that matched your query at the top. You can hover over each image to see information about it. For example, here is a sample result for the query “iPhone 5 cases”:

As you can see, this image has the title of “iPhone 5 Cases” and a description of “The best iPhone 5 cases.” This information comes from the metadata of the image file itself.

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