How to Optimize Your Images for Visual Search

How to Optimize Your Images for Visual Search

Do you have an e-commerce website? Do you want to know how to optimize your images for visual search?

Then, this article is for you. Keep on reading to know more.

How to Optimize Your Images for Visual Search

Keyword Research

Keyword research is now important for content creators to optimize their written content. But today, it is now also crucial for visual content. Why?

Because it can impact how high you can appear in visual search results. So, use a keyword research tool that can help you find the right keywords.

The best keywords are longtail keywords that have three words or more. You will then need to use these keywords in a lot of areas.

High-quality Imagery

Of course, there is no better way to attract a lead than a high-quality image. Your website will look more appealing.

Also, it will help your site better in visual search results. But there is one challenge. High-quality images tend to take up more space. Thus, taking more time to load. So, what can you do?

Image Size

To answer the question above, you will need to make high-quality images into smaller sizes. But how can you do so without sacrificing quality? 

By choosing the right image format. The top three are:

  • JPG. Lightweight and easy to compress. But the smaller you make them, they tend to lose resolution. So, choose the right size.
  • PNG. High quality and do not lose resolution. But it is very large so it makes it best for print materials rather than web use.
  • GIF. Smallest of the three and can contain. But does not have the same quality as the two so it is not good for images with a message.

File Names

Saving your picture is already a first step in optimizing it. How? You will need to name the file with the right keywords. Avoid using generic names like “img_06052021”.

Because images also have their own URL. So, you can generate more traffic to your site if your image has a title that describes it.

Image Titles and Alt Text

When uploading an image on your website, you need to put in the right image title. Also, do not forget about the alt text or alt tag. Do not keep them blank or put generic names on them.

So, try to use a descriptive phrase about the image. Or better yet, put in the keywords. This will help those using text-based searches also find your website.

Also, screen readers will read the alt text aloud for those hard at sight.


The last thing you need to have is a sitemap. This is what tells Google where your images are. So, when users look for an image you have, they can locate your images to put in the results.

To make one, you can use online tools to help you. Or you can use plugins within your CMS.

Optimize Your Images for Visual Search

If you do all these, then there is a high chance your image will do well in visual search results.

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